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Minority Report (2002)

Coming Out at 20 June 2002 in theaters.

Action, Crime, Mystery

Minority Report is science fiction action film directed by Steven Spielberg and loosely based on the 1956 short story “The Minority Report” by Philip K. Dick. It is set primarily in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, where PreCrime, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by psychics called “precogs”. The cast includes Tom Cruise as Chief of PreCrime John Anderton, Colin Farrell as Department of Justice agent Danny Witwer, Samantha Morton as the senior precog Agatha, and Max von Sydow as Anderton’s superior Lamar Burgess.

The film combines elements of tech noir, whodunit, thriller and science fiction genres, as well as a traditional chase film, as the main protagonist is accused of a crime he has not committed and becomes a fugitive. Spielberg has characterized the story as “fifty percent character and fifty percent very complicated storytelling with layers and layers of murder mystery and plot”. The film’s central theme is the question of free will versus determinism. It examines whether free will can exist if the future is set and known in advance. Other themes include the role of preventive government in protecting its citizenry, the role of media in a future state where technological advancements make its presence nearly boundless, the potential legality of an infallible prosecutor, and Spielberg’s repeated theme of broken families.

In April 2054, Washington, DC’s prototype PreCrime police department stops murderers before they act, reducing the murder rate to zero percent. Murders are predicted using specialized mutated humans, called “Precogs”, who “previsualize” crimes by receiving visions of the future. Would-be murderers are imprisoned in a benevolent virtual reality. The federal government is on the verge of adopting the controversial program nationwide.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writers: Philip K. Dick (short story), Scott Frank, Jon Cohen

Stars: Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Max von Sydow, Steve Harris, Neal McDonough


Tom CruiseChief John Anderton
Max von SydowDirector Lamar Burgess
Steve HarrisJad
Neal McDonoughFletcher
Patrick KilpatrickKnott
Jessica CapshawEvanna
Richard CocaPre-Crime Cop
Keith CampbellPre-Crime Cop
Kirk B.R. WollerPre-Crime Cop
Klea ScottPre-Crime Cop
Frank GrilloPre-Crime Cop
Anna Maria HorsfordCasey
Sarah SimmonsLamar Burgess’ Secretary
Eugene OsmentJad’s Technician
James HendersonOffice Worker
Vene L. ArcoraciOffice Worker
Erica FordEmployee
Keith FlippenTour Guide
Nathan TaylorKid Tourist
Radmar Agana JaoTechnician
Karina LogueTechnician
Elizabeth Anne SmithTechnician
Victoria KelleherTechnician
Jim RashTechnician
Colin FarrellDanny Witwer
Stephen RamseyJucket – Agent #1
Tom ChoiPaymen – Agent #2
Tom WhitenightPrice – Agent #3
William MortsFoley – Agent #4
Samantha MortonAgatha
Daniel LondonWally the Caretaker
Michael DickmanArthur
Matthew DickmanDashiell
Lois SmithDr. Iris Hineman
Tim Blake NelsonGideon
George WallaceChief Justice Pollard
Ann RyersonDr. Katherine James
Kathryn MorrisLara Clarke
Tyler Patrick JonesOlder Sean
Dominic Scott KayYounger Sean
Arye GrossHoward Marks
Ashley CrowSarah Marks
Mike BinderLeo Crow
Joel GretschDonald Dubin
Jessica HarperAnne Lively
Bertell LawrenceJohn Doe
Jason AntoonRufus Riley at Cyber Parlor
William MesnikCyber Parlor Customer
Scott FrankConceited Customer
Severin WundermanSkiing Customer
Max TrumpowerHomeless Person
Allie RayeHamburger Mom
Rocael LeivaHamburger Dad
Nicholas Edwin BarbHomework Boy
Catfish BatesTenement Snitch
Peter StormareDr. Solomon Eddie
Caroline LagerfeltGreta van Eyck
Danny Parker-LopesMan (as Danny Lopes)
Vanessa CedotalWoman
Katy BoyerMother
Adrianna KamosaChild
Kari GordonChild
Elizabeth KamosaChild
Raquel GordonChild
Laurel KamosaChild
Fiona HaleOld Woman
Pamela RobertsViolent Wife
Clement BlakeHusband
Jerry PercheskyGrandfather
Victor Raider-WexlerAttorney General Nash
Nancy Linehan CharlesCeleste Burgess
Nadia AxakowskyReporter
Dude WalkerReporter
Tony HillReporter
Drakeel BurnsReporter
William MapotherHotel Clerk
Morgan HassonPaperboy
Andrew SandlerMarks’ Son
Bonnie MorganContortionist
Kathi CopelandMurder Bystander
Ana Maria QuintanaMurder Bystander
Lucille M. OliverMurder Bystander
Gene WheelerMurder Bystander
Tonya IveyGap Girl
David StifelLycon – Seller of Black Inhalers
Kurt SinclairAdulation #1
Rebecca RitzAdulation #2
Beverly MorganAdulation #3
John BennettAdulation #4
Maureen DunnAdulation #5
Ron UlstadAdulation #6
Blake BashoffPre-Crime Public Service Announcer
David DotyPre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Gina GallegoPre-Crime Public Service Announcer
David HornsbyPre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Anne Judson-YagerPre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Meredith MonroePre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Benita Krista NallPre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Shannon O’HurleyPre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Jorge-Luis PalloPre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Elizabeth PaynePre-Crime Public Service Announcer
Ethan ShermanRevo Sunglass Model
Jarah MarianoAMEX Polynesian Woman
Miles DinsmoorGuinness Man
Vanessa AsbertBulgari Model
Michael AhlAgent
Markus AlexanderCaptain of Industry
Paul Thomas AndersonPassenger on Train
Don AustinPre-Crime Officer
Seth BaileyBalloon Vendor
Spencer A. Beckett IIMan on Bicycle
Greg BronsonUpscale Party Guest
Robert Randolph CatonDignitary
Derek ChandlerPre-Crime Cop
Cameron CroweBus Passenger
Tom CutlerBanquet Guest
Lisa Danielle
Cameron DiazBus Passenger
Patricia DiZebbaBallroom Guest
Pamela DonnellyWoman with Stroller
Jumbe FletcherPrisoner
Bourke FloydPre-Crime Officer
Kimiko GelmanMother on Metro
Steven HackPSA #10
Daniel D. HarrisInner-City Group Leader
Rebecca HirschfeldSubway Patron
Tristan JacksonPre-Crime Cop
Baron JayPre-Crime Officer
Nina KaczorowskiVirtual Girl
Rick KainMetro Cop
George KarduliasWealthy Patron
Payman KayvanfarCard Player
Charles M. KerperPre-Crime Employee
Shannon LivingstonOffice Worker
Sunny MalickPre-Crime Employee
Kelli MandrukVirtual Reality Girl
Miguel MasPassenger on Train
Sumalee MontanoTalking Billboard
Rana MorrisonLady at Party
Peechee NericTourist
Vito PietanzaTraditionalist
Marilyn RisingContortionist
Diane RobinVictim
Ian SalmonPre-Crime Cop
Riley SchmidtPre-Crime Employee
Robert ShepherdWealthy Patron
Jay ShindellMan in Car
Daniel Browning SmithContortionist
Clara SoyoungSubway passenge
Dollar TanPSA Crime Guy
Christian TaylorPre-Crime Officer
Marty TerryPre-Crime PSA
Clyde TullParty Guest
Paul WesleyNathan with Bicycle

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