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Life’s A Glitch with Julien Bam Season 1 Opening on Netflix at October 21, 2021

Comedy, Sci-Fi / TV-Series (2021)

Julien Bam has achieved everything an influencer in Germany can dream of: wealth, millions of followers and tons of awards! But after a mysterious car accident with his buddy Joon, the two are slipped into another dimension.

Here Julien wakes up in his nightmare that has come true, in which he is no longer a successful influencer, but … a nobody. Will the two friends be able to find their way back home? Find out in Life’s A Glitch with Julien Bam, only available on Netflix at October 21, 2021.

Director: Shawn Bu

Writers: Felix Charin, Shawn Bu, Julien Bam, Joshua Euskirchen, Daniel Jacobs, Joon Kim, Georg Ramme, Viktoria Bengardt, Denise Likomeno, Viktor Sommerfeld

Stars: Julien Bam, Joon Kim, Juri Padel, Madieu Ulbrich, Rebecca Soraya Zaman, Safira Robens, Vivien König, Andreas Dyszewski


Julien Bam Julien Bam
Joon Kim Joon Kim
Juri Padel Dima
Madieu Ulbrich Diego
Rebecca Soraya Zaman Hana
Safira Robens Lia
Vivien König Clara
Andreas Dyszewski Olek
Leon Seidel Max
Jorge Gonzalez Jorge Gonzalez
Rauand Taleb Mehmet
Sebastian Moser Durby
Arafat Behljulji Murat
Lucas Brosch Tech-Influencer 3
Julia Brunner Fangirl
Luciana Caglioti Medizinische Fachangestellte 2
René Clampenhausen Klampfenspieler
Özge Delioglan Rap-Interviewerin
Uwe Donner Science Pitch-Jury
Paul Frenke Restaurantgast
Vanelynn Gorek Clarissa
Andreas Grün Königszelt-Wache

( Cast details on imdb )

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