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Kin Season 1 Opening on Amc Plus at September 9, 2021

Crime, Drama / TV-Series (2021)

23 years ago, two baby girls, Ella (Jasmine Sim) and Yoke (Rachel Wan) were switched at birth. It was not an accident. Their mothers Loh May Wan (Margaret Lim) and Jessica Shelley (Sue Tan), rivals from primary school, attempt to unravel the truth behind the baby swap as they grapple with their birth-daughters who are their polar opposites in every way.

Deanna (Gayathri Segaren) finds out that she is terminally ill. She decides to entrust her husband, Kenneth (Ebi Shankara), to her best friend Ananya (Carla Dunareanu). Now, Ananya has to choose between James (Jason Godfrey), a man whom she has always admired, and Kenneth. Meanwhile, as dutiful wife Rosnani (Ariati Tyeb Papar) is tending to her boss and mother-in-law Adina’s (Mastura Ahmad) orders at their family restaurant, her husband Zaryn (Hatta Said) is rendezvousing with his boss Syirah (Adlina Adil). Rosnani’s life revolves around her family and now, her world is about to shatter. [wikipedia]

Directors: Diarmuid Goggins, Tessa Hoffe

Writers: Ciaran Donnelly, Peter McKenna

Stars: Charlie Cox, Clare Dunne, Aidan Gillen, Emmett J Scanlan, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Sam Keeley, Yasmin Seky, Ciarán Hinds


Charlie Cox Michael Kinsella
Clare Dunne Amanda Kinsella
Aidan Gillen Frank Kinsella
Emmett J Scanlan Jimmy Kinsella
Maria Doyle Kennedy Bridget ‘Birdy’ Goggins
Sam Keeley Eric ‘Viking’ Kinsella
Yasmin Seky Nikita Murphy
Ciarán Hinds Eamon Cunningham
Hannah Adeogun Anna Areoye
Cian Fitzsimons Jamie Kinsella
Neill Fleming Dotser Reid
Thommas Kane-Byrne Francis ‘Fudge’ Flynn
Ryan Lincoln Isaac ‘Kem’ Kemela
Mark Mckenna Jr. Anthony Kinsella
Lloyd Cooney Caolan Moore
Kyle Bradley Donaldson Clayton Finn
Keith McErlean Con Doyle
Ben Carolan Glen Wright
Una Carroll DS Jacinta O’Connor
David Herlihy Detective Paul Breslin
Stephen Jones Noel Lawlor
Anthony Morris Keith Boylan
Taby Ruigu Sharon Obi
Rachael Dowling Claire Larkin
Maura Foley Woman
Jade Jordan Nellie Akanji
Karen Killeen New Reporter
Louise McCann Female Drug User
Gwynne McElveen Natasha Halpin

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