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Into the Beat (2020)

Releasing at July 16, 2020 in theaters.

“Dein Herz tanzt”

Music, Romance

Katya (Alexandra Pfeifer) is an outstanding ballet talent. She works hard to audition at New York Ballet Academy and has a very good chance of getting a scholarship. But when he met a group of street dancers, a whole new world opened up for him: Unlike classical ballet, city dance seems free and explosive, no rules, the laws of gravity void.

atya’s heart catches fire for the new style, where she can express all her emotions – and for the introverted Marlon, a gifted hip-hop dancer (Yalany Marschner). He recognizes her dancing potential and asks her to take part in an audition with the world-famous street dance crew Sonic Tigers. Katya is immersed in a previously unknown attitude towards life of lightheartedness, community and spontaneity. She suspects: she can’t go back to ballet. But her father Victor (Trystan Pütter), a famous ballet star, sees it differently. But Katya follows the dance of her heart – will she make the jump?

Director: Stefan Westerwelle

Writers: Hannah Schweier, Stefan Westerwelle

Stars: Alexandra Pfeifer, Yalany Marschner, Ina Geraldine Guy, Tidiane Jamayn Diallo, Julius Nitschkoff, Katrin Pollitt, Trystan Pütter


Alexandra Pfeifer►Katya
Yalany Marschner►Marlon
Ina Geraldine Guy►Feli
Tidiane Jamayn Diallo►Gast im Restaurant
Julius Nitschkoff►Jo
Katrin Pollitt►Frau Nemec
Trystan Pütter►Victor
Helen Schneider►Frau Rosebloom
Julia Strowski►Janine
Nadja Stübiger►Romy


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