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Homecoming Season 2 – Started to Broadcast on Amazon Prime – May 22, 2020

Drama Thriller

The critically-acclaimed series Homecoming returns for its second season with new twists and an exciting new star, Janelle Monáe. Her character wakes in a rowboat adrift a lake, with no memory of how she got there — or even who she is. Her ensuing search for identity will lead her into the heart of the Geist Group, the unconventional wellness company behind the Homecoming Initiative.

Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez

Writers: Micah Bloomberg, Eli Horowitz, Sarah Carbiener, Casallina Cathy Kisakye, Patrick Macmanus, Erica Rosbe, Zachary Wigon, Evan Wright

Stars: Stephan James, Bobby Cannavale, Hong Chau, Alex Karpovsky, Janelle Monáe, Chris Cooper, Brooke Bloom


Stephan James Walter Cruz
Bobby Cannavale Colin Belfast
Hong Chau Audrey Temple
Alex Karpovsky Craig
Janelle Monáe Jackie
Chris Cooper Leonard Geist
Brooke Bloom Pam
Tyler Ritter Lane
Mary Holland Wendy
Joan Cusack Bunda
Jimmy Bellinger Chad
Audrey Wasilewski Officer Donna
Johnny Sneed Dr. Zamani
Christopher Redman Kyle
Fran Kranz Ron
David Trice Clerk
Armando Molina Hector
Chip Chinery Attending Cop
Nicole Alicia Xavier Geist Employee
Jeni Jones Geist Employee
John Billingsley Buddy
Chris Ellis Lehmann
Anna Jaller Greeter
Mary Anne McGarry Eileen
Jeff Bowser Cashier
Jennifer DeFilippo Female Karaoke Singer
Jake Sidney Cohen Yaniv
Ari Frenkel College Guy
Timothy E. Goodwin Male Karaoke Singer
Maya Kazan Kaya
Ajay Vidure Geist Lawyer
Glenda Morgan Brown Older Woman
Damian Conrad-Davis Zach
Unati Mangaliso Researcher
Bilal Mir Waiter
Johann Carchidi Abreu Anton
Michelle Haro Parking Attendant
Karen Strassman Woman
Biff Wiff Homeless Man
Drue Delio Shirtless Dude
Milo Stein Young Boy
Geoffrey Gould Focus Group Product Tester
Joël Dupont Geist employee
Albert Bensabat Geist Employee

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