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Fracture (2007)

Crime, Drama, Thriller |

Fracture is a legal thriller film, starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling, and directed by Gregory Hoblit. It is the story of a man who shoots his unfaithful wife, and then engages in a battle of wits with a young assistant district attorney. The film has a 71% critic rating from Rotten Tomatoes and grossed $91 million.

Theodore “Ted” Crawford, a wealthy Irish aeronautical engineer living in Los Angeles, confirms that his wife, Jennifer, is having an affair with police detective Robert Nunally. Confronting his wife, Crawford shoots her. Police are called, including Nunally, who enters the house cautiously, negotiating with Crawford for both to put down their guns. Crawford confesses he shot his wife. Recognizing the victim, and being subtly goaded by Crawford, Nunally becomes enraged and assaults him.

Now in jail awaiting trial, Crawford engages in a battle of wits with rising star deputy district attorney William “Willy” Beachum, who considers the case an open-and-shut matter and agrees to go to trial immediately. Beachum is preparing to transition from criminal law to a corporate attorneyship at well-known law firm Wooton Simms, and flirts with his future boss, Nikki Gardner.

Director: Gregory Hoblit

Writers: Daniel Pyne (screenplay & story), Glenn Gers (screenplay)

Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, David Strathairn, Rosamund Pike, Embeth Davidtz, Billy Burke, Cliff Curtis


Anthony HopkinsTed Crawford
Ryan GoslingWilly Beachum
David StrathairnDA Joe Lobruto
Rosamund PikeNikki Gardner
Embeth DavidtzJennifer Crawford
Billy BurkeLt. Rob Nunally
Cliff CurtisDetective Flores
Fiona ShawJudge Robinson
Bob GuntonJudge Gardner
Josh StambergNorman Foster
Xander BerkeleyJudge Moran
Zoe KazanMona
Judith ScottResident
Gary Carlos CervantesCiro (as Carlos Cervantes)
Petrea BurchardDr. Marion Kang
Garz ChanAssistant Hotel Manager
Wendy CutlerGladys
Larry SullivanLee Gardner
Valerie DillmanPeg Gardner
Gonzalo MenendezUniform Cop
Vivica GenauxOpera Singer
Cooper ThorntonPublic Defender
Lyle KanouseMessenger
Sandra ProsperKarla
Monica GarciaCrawford’s Secretary
Joe SpanoJudge Joseph Pincus
Peter BreitmayerNTSB Guy
Mirron E. WillisMoran’s Bailiff
David PurdhamBurt Wooton
John LittlefieldCop
Lou ReyesSWAT Medic
Rainy KerwinWooton Sims Receptionist
R.J. ChambersBailiff
Eugene CollierBailiff
Tom VirtueAttorney Apley
Gunter SimonOrderly
Frank TorresOrderly
Payton KochKid
Cooper KochKid
Sophie HoblitKid
Caroline WeinstockKid
Alexander WeinstockKid
Michael KhmurovRussian Man (as Michael Khmourov)
Julia EmelinRussian Woman
Yorgo ConstantinePublic Defender for the Russians
Alla KorotRussian Translator
Jeff EndenDetective
Kaily Smith WestbrookLobruto’s Secretary (as Kaily Smith)
RettaEvidence Room Cop
Don AbernathyCourtroom Observer (uncredited)
David Keith AndersonNews Reporter (uncredited)
Reed ArmstrongPeg’s Husband (uncredited)
Kate ClarkeMrs. Lee Gardner (uncredited)
Lucy GriffinBarista (uncredited)
Shawn Chapman HolleyCrawford’s Lead Attorney (uncredited)
Sharon JordanSecretary (uncredited)
Kate KrystowiakBartender (uncredited)
Jonathan NationOpera Goer (uncredited)
Elizabeth RiveraLady in the Courtroom (uncredited)
Noush SkaugenOpera Goer (uncredited)
Klatann ThomasMedical Technician (uncredited)
Aaron WhiteCrawford’s Second Chair Attorney (uncredited)
Zondra WilsonOpera Goer (uncredited)
Rachel ZeskindDancer (uncredited)

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