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Flack Season 2 Opening on Pop TV & prime Video at April 13, 2020

Drama / TV-Series (2019)

Flack is dramedy television series. The second season premiered in the UK on April 13, 2020, on W. and consists again of six episodes.

Robyn (Anna Paquin) an American PR executive living in London, must figure out how to make the best of bad situations and somehow manage to get out unscathed. Robyn specialises in clearing up the monumental messes caused by her hapless and selfish clients. Although utterly in command of her job, her personal life is spinning out of control.

Picking up where season one ended, the team at MPPR Agency has its hands full this season, with not-to-be-believed challenges to fix for their clients, including a model who is arrested after a video goes viral of her punching a bar patron, a British politician who is caught and arrested after visiting a prostitute and an actress who has a social media scandal. 

Creator: Oliver Lansley

Directors: Alicia MacDonald, Stephen Moyer, Oliver Lansley

Writers: Oliver Lansley, Genevieve Angelson

Stars: Anna Paquin, Lydia Wilson, Rebecca Benson, Sophie Okonedo, Genevieve Angelson, Meghan Treadway, Rufus Jones, Arinzé Kene


Anna Paquin Robyn
Lydia Wilson Eve
Rebecca Benson Melody
Sophie Okonedo Caroline
Genevieve Angelson Ruth
Meghan Treadway Belle
Rufus Jones Mark
Arinzé Kene Sam
Andrew Leung Craig
Marc Warren Tom
Eliza Riley Kelly
Daniel Dae Kim Gabriel Cole
Oliver Lansley American Mike 
Rebecca Scroggs Abigail Reese
Paul Ready Damien Paulson 
Saffron Coomber Steph 
Dan Wheeler Man in Bar
Kevin Bishop Danny Davis 
Sam Neill Duncan Paulson 
Amanda Abbington Alexa
Amy Beth Hayes Cheryl 
Jason Thorpe Ross 
John Askew Darren Barron 
Jane Horrocks Tanya Bert 
Nina Barker-Francis Kaz 
Amer Chadha-Patel Deepak 
Sophia La Porta Roxy Barron 
Doon Mackichan Victoria 
Giles Terera 
Yasmine Akram Ashley Dillon 
Ewan Bailey Tony 
Naomi Battrick Maddy 
Aude des Pallieres Sofi Adjani 
Martha Plimpton Clara 
Tim Bentinck Marcus 
Martine Brown Sharon 
George Bukhari Leon 
Keir Charles George 
Cara Horgan Camilla 
Philip Martin Brown Terry 
Dinita Gohil Narinda 
Kevin Hand Newsreader 
Adelle Leonce Bessie 
Harki Bhambra Stu 
Tom Cotcher Trevor 
David Hargreaves Warren 
Joana Nastari Savannah 
Caroline Guthrie Linda 
Maggie Steed Elizabeth Paulson 
Melissa Johns Beth 
Julie Legrand Shell 
Adam Loxley Simon 
Charlotte Powell 1st AD 
Tunji Lucas Kadell 
Clare Perkins Shirelle 
Sukey Willis Runner 
Sean Power Bradley 
Reece Ritchie Rick 
Marah Stafford Intern 
Richard Curtis Cameraman 
James Littlewood Business man 
Stuart Whelan Press Photographer 


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