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Family Romance, LLC (2019)

Started to Broadcast on MUBI at July 3, 2020.

Drama |

Werner Herzog, who not only directed but also served as writer and cinematographer, will introduce the virtual premiere and conclude with an exclusive 15 minute Q&A.

FAMILY ROMANCE, LLC is the latest feature from Herzog (AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD; CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS). Receiving its premiere at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, the film tells the story of a Tokyo-based company that offers the perfect stand-ins for absent family members, friends or admirers – available to rent for any occasion.

In a fictionalised take on this real-life company, Herzog follows founder Yuichi Ishii as he helps his clients make their dreams come true. But when the mother of 12-year-old Mahiro hires Ishii to impersonate her missing ex-husband, the line between performance and reality threatens to blur.

Director: Werner Herzog

Writer: Werner Herzog

Stars: Ishii Yuichi, Mahiro Tanimoto, Miki Fujimaki, Takashi Nakatani, Kumi Manda, Yuka Watanabe


Ishii Yuichi
Mahiro Tanimoto(as Mahiro)
Miki FujimakiMahiro’s Mother
Takashi NakataniFather of Bride / Lottery Official
Kumi MandaMother of the Bride
Yuka WatanabeBride
Jin KuroinuIshii’s Friend
Airi CoatsMahiro’s Little Friend
Shun IshigakiPantomime
Tatsuaki HôjôBullet Train Official
Tetsuro MoriBullet Train Employee
Ryoko SugimachiLottery Winner
Airi AsohWoman at Fox Shrine
Yuki WakabayashiHedgehog Cafe
Umetani HideyasuRobot Hotel Manager
Iwamoto EisukeFuneral Home Manager
Take NakamuraOracle
Yuika KoideIshii’s Infant Child
Sumire NagaiIdol with Paparazzi
Ryosuke NakanishiPaparazzi
Mayu NakamuraPaparazzi
Makoto SasakiPaparazzi
Seiji InouePaparazzi
Kazushige NishidaPaparazzi
Hideyuki SuzawaPaparazzi
Miki TakafumiSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Daiki IshidaSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Shun HishikawaSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Kazuya IchinoSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Teru ItashikiSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Yuta KatoSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Mio HinataSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Ryota HashimotoSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Soutaro TsujiSwordfighter (as part of Nihonbashi Ryomankai Group)
Kiju KitamuraMusician With Swordfighters
Yuki MasaiCheerleader
Urara FujishiroCheerleader
Mai SuzukiCheerleader

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