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Enforcement (2020)

Opening at October 8, 2020 in theaters


Action, Crime

Enforcement is action crime film directed and written by Frederik Louis Hviid, Anders Ølholm. The film stars Jacob Lohmann, Simon Sears, Tarek Zayat, Issa Khattab, Özlem Saglanmak, Arian Kashef and Josephine Park. It primiered at September 5, 2020 on Venice Film Festival.

Jens and Mike, two police officers on routine patrol, find themselves trapped in a maze of buildings when unrest spreads. The exact details of what took place while Talib Ben Hassi (19) was in police custody remain unclear. Police officers, Jens and Mike, are on routine patrol in Svalegården’s ghetto when news of Talib’s death comes in over the radio, igniting uncontrollable, pent-up rage in the ghetto’s youth, who lust for revenge. Suddenly, the two officers find themselves fair game and must fight tooth and claw to find a way out.

Directors: Frederik Louis Hviid, Anders Ølholm

Writers: Frederik Louis Hviid, Anders Ølholm

Stars: Jacob Lohmann, Simon Sears, Tarek Zayat, Issa Khattab, Özlem Saglanmak, Arian Kashef, Josephine Park


Jacob LohmannMike Andersen
Simon SearsJens Høyer
Tarek ZayatAmos Al-Shami
Issa KhattabIza
Özlem SaglanmakAbia
Arian KashefOsman
Josephine ParkRønning
Dulfi Al-JabouriSami
Michael BrostrupCaptain Hedegaard
Abdelmalik DhaflaouiDanjiel (Iza’s friend)
Imad Abul-FoulStore owner
Anne PlauborgNews reporter
Morten Brovn JørgensenNews cameraman
Ibrahim Asmaa AhmadBlond man
Hanin GeorgisAbia’s neighbor
Mads RømerMøller
Jack PedersenTalib Ben Hassi
Dan BoieTattooed man
Lara AksoyAmira
Rose BroholmTalib’s mother
Ali Abdul Amir NajeiOsman’s bodyguard
Anna TulestedtWoman in convenience store
Jonas El KehStore owner’s youngest son
Jousef SobhieStore owner’s oldest son
Sebastian KiplingPolice sniper
Wagma KhattakStore owner’s wife
Elias OsmanGas mask
Ali HaiderYoung man on scooter
Jesper KronsellCanine officer
Malin Elisabeth Rømer Brolin-TaniPolice dispatcher
Mickey NørregaardPoulsen
Mogens RubinsteinNews anchor #1
Frederik Dirks GottliebNews anchor #2
Christoffer Høyer RasmussenMan in stairwell


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