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Çukur S03E15 (Season 3 Episode 15) 82nd

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “”

Showing old scenes; Karakuzu Deli Reha saved Mahsun. And it shows how you saved Yamaç from two ambushes. Yamaç releases him.

At the end of the previous episode, the situation of Cumali was taken under control.

Akin came to the hospital to visit his uncle, thanks to the Sultan’s mother is returning home. So Yamaç comes home, after having coping from his mother.

Cumali regained consciousness.

In the temporary absence of Azer, Efsun joins the council. She meets and introduces herself.

Detective Aliço finds the location of Efsun’s money with the clue he collected from the trash.

Çukur is in pursuit of robbery to reach the building sketches. Aliço underground excavations plan to reach the vault by digging. And they blow the safe.

The police come to the hospital to pick up Cumali, but they succeed at hide.

Aliço solves the seven council member’s daily routins from their trashes they share among men. And Çukur members shared the names to killing them. Mahsun, who listens to them in the back, kills one of the council members.

Then they kill the other council members. Then Yamaç joins the council and members submit to Yamaç’s (so Çukur) empery.

On the other hand, Vartolu is still trying to get the child out of Berlin. And finally he makes it, he gets the flash drive from Zimmerman.

And flash transfer Nejat Isler as Çagatay erdenetler is included in the squad. The gold stolen and the members he killed belong to him. He meets Yamaç and tells him that “Istanbul is mine”.

With this flash transfer, Çukur’s gonna get a whole different mood. by “”

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