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Çukur S03E25 (Season 3 Episode 25) 92nd

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Çagatay, who thinks he is going to meet Boris, understands that he fell into trap when he saw Vartolu. Yamaç delivered Çagatay to the police captain with all he knew.

They print all the documents in flash disk they receive from Emir, but there are so many files that Yamaç can’t get out of the way. They bring Emir and Aliço. They learn from Emir that the person who Çagatay does most often is Boris. Yamaç wants Aliço to extract the ones related to Boris from the files.

Yamaç does not confuse Selim and Cumali with Çagatay affairs because he promised. Cumali gives it to Selim, you do not understand me, I can not look at the face of people, I miss my father very much, he says he would understand me.

Celasun tells Yamaç that Karaca met with Azer.

Çagatay calls Yamaç and says the deadline for Cumali is over. When Yamaç said he wouldn’t bring his brother, he put Kurt into action to bring him. Çagatay, who thinks that Murtaza is lying about the night of the incident, takes his wallet and phone and examines it.

From the photographs of Boris, Aliço determines where the photograph was taken.

Yamaç follows Boris and knowingly catches himself. Vartolu and Aliço are waiting in front of the door of the house.

When Boris says “give me Çagatay, and I will not kill you” Boris decides to hand him over to Çagatay. And he calls to Çagatay and says that he will give a gift at the drug delivery in the evening and need to come with your men to delivery.

Cumali realizes he is being followed, he is shocked when he sees that he is Mahsun. He naturally tries to kill him. He says that Çagatay is chasing him and that Yamaç has commissioned him to protect him. When Mahsun saves Cumali from the hired killer, Cumali believes what Mahsun says.

Çagatay makes sure that hewill personally go to the delivery he will go to. Because there is a message at Murtaza’s phone as “seize Çukurr drugs in the evening” and Murtaza says at interrogation that Yamaç commissioned him to keep Çagatay detained.

Vartolu and Aliço attack the house because they cannot see Yamaç when Boris returns home. They’re catching Boris. While learning the details from Boris, Aliço sees a gun in Boris’s hand and kills him. Vartolu gives Meke the address of the delivery place, calls Mahsun and asks him to save Yamaç. Mahsun, who goes to the address, saves Yamaç.

Karakuzular rescued Cumali and made him go home.

And delivery is taking place. Çagatay is arrested and Vartolu too, who is disguised as Boris. Yamaç informs the police captain that he is innocent, but it will take time to get Vartolu out of prison.

Yamaç asks Efsun for the helping about Murtaza and wants to know how to persuade Çagatay so easily. In return, Efsun asks him about who is sleeping next to him in every night. Then Yamaç leaves the house.

Selim and Cumali trounces Yamaç because they are excluded from events. Both are going to commit narcotic crimes and killing Çagatay at jail. Sultan Ana prevents the brother of Yamaç. Inviting Emir, Yamaç is telling his brothers what is going on. Thus, we know Arik Böke (Barış Arduç), who just joined the series. Çagatay’s stepbrother is Ögeday. Ögeday is the person who tries to clear Erdenet’s name from dirty work. However, money earned from drugs is laundered in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. (Çagatay’s brother Arık Böke, Ögeday’s brother Kulkan)

Father Cengiz Erdenet calls Arık Böke for come to palace, he goes too.

Celasun sees Karaca sneaking from home again to Azer (Yamaç commissioned Celasun). He tells what he saw to Yamaç.

As promised, Yamaç takes Aykut on a Çukur tour. Aykut says he wants to talk privately with Emmi in coffee. He asks where he went at night. It becomes clear that Emmi has Alzheimer’s disease.

Yamaç is visiting Vartolu in prison, there is a match in Çukurr to relieve stress on his advice. Yamaç speaks to the whole neighborhood. He wants everyone to recover and recover.

Emir is starting internet broadcasts. And his first subject is Çukurr, where he started to live with them now. It describes humanity, spirit and solidarity in Çukurr. He says I need a lot of time to get to know better.

Yamaç says he decided to marry Celasun and Karaca at the dinner.

Çagatay is acquitted thanks to his father. He transfers works to his brother. Çagatay wants him to use this opportunity well to win his father’s trust, to finish Çukurr and keep an eye on Efsun.

Arik Böke immediately goes to meet Yamaç and promises that Yamaç will not miss his brother’s absence. by “

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