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Çukur S03E24 (Season 3 Episode 24) 91st

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Selim brings Uncle Baytar home to cure Damla. He does cures and sedatives, stays at home to check back in the morning. Cumali wants everyone to hide that she is pregnant.

Yamaç is interrogated and brought to the police station upon notice. Vartolu is waiting for him at the police station.

Nehir realizes that when she goes to call Karaca, she is not at home. She does not tell Sultan Ana about the situation. (Karaca and Azer in kebab shops, they are very happy). Celasun sees them while Azer leaves Karaca home. While Nehir also waits for Karaca in the garden, she comes, tells about the situations, and learns how to enter and leave the house. Karaca also says that she met with Azer to keep it a secret.

Yamaç, Vartolu, Mahsun (together with Karakuzular) act together to fight Çagatay. There is a plan, but Yamaç must be released from the police station as soon as possible. When they realize that Yamaç cannot be released in a short time, they start the plan. They catch Murtaza. They will kill him, but he will help first. Yamaç tells Efsun about the plan, we understand; They will put Murtaza to Çagatay’s team as a mole. Efsun helps to put Murtaza in the mind of Çagatay (to follow Yamaç).

Yamaç learns that the police captain reported him. He wants him to admit that Çagatay killed the journalist. The police captain, like Emir, says he is alone on this road. Yamaç does not admit, although the captain’s determination likes it. He has to release him.

Medet informs Vartolu that Timsah Selim has returned home.

Çagatay calls Murtaza with the advice of Efsun.

Çukur keeps Cumali hard at the hometown, Selim has to stun him. They lock Cumali into the warehouse, but he manage to escape by firing in the warehouse.

Vartolu and Medet are going to kill Timsah Celil. They also take sniper support from Aliço and catch and kill Celil.

Emmi entrusts a letter to Aliço. If something happens to him, he says you will take it to Yamaç.

Cumali follows Çagatay for a long time by car, and guards who notice the abnormal situation start firing. Upon this, Cumali hitting the car of Çagatay, who entered the forested area, rolling him down the cliff. While fighting with other bodyguards, Yamaç (bringing Murtaza to win Cagatay’s trust just in case) comes right time and kill the guards. While Cumali will go to kill Çagatay, who survived the car, this time Yamaç is knocking him out. He says to Murtaza that go and save Çagatay. Yamaç carry his brother and leaves there. When Cumali is sober, he says I will be a father.

Çagatay says that he understands that Cumali is attacking and wants Yamaç to bring him in 24 hours.

On leaving the house, the police captain interrupts and says he has reached a camera recording that pulled Emir’s car to explode. He wants him to give Çagatay to him in 24 hours.

And at the end of the episode, we learn that Emir did not die and they got him out before the moment of the explosion with school bus. And Yamaç receives all information about Çagatay from Emir. And he asks him to come and see Çukur and help Çukur to clear. by “

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