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Çukur S03E22 (Season 3 Episode 22) 89th

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Yamaç expects Çukur’s youngs using drugs to sober in the morning and asks where they got it. The youngs people said, let’s get some heads out, they ask where are you when we were tortured so much. Trapped Yamaç seeks help from Emmi. He says Çukur needs a father, not a brother. Take two steps back, draw the line, protect Çukur, gather your family, reconcile the disappointments. Yamaç starts to wander in the neighborhood. Yamaç visit a house and talk with Aykut about past good days. Yamaç promises to take Aykut out, who has not been out for a long time and was abandoned by his father because he is disabled.

He wants Salim to find Metin and keep Metin at the head of the youngs in the warehouse.

He calls Efsun and asks him to return home soon. Efsun says to Çagatay that she wants to go home.

Yamaç bands together Koçovans. He talks about the evil plans of Çagatay in Çukur. He plans something and tells them. After this hour, nobody will break my words.

Yamaç and Vartolu are looking for ways to get Akin and Damla out of prison. They will object to Damla’s signatures in the documents, and it may be salvation that Akin does not have a signed document stating that the fighting room belongs to him. They will look for a job that will bring money, they go to Mustafa for that, and Mustafa says “who hear the name of Çukur, they are running away”.

Vartolu says he keeps his promise to Sultan Ana and he is back home now. Yamaç tells her mother that she brought Nehir because she was pregnant, Sultan Ana is happy with this news.

Efsun returns home, but Çagatay’s bodyguards are at the door 24/7.

Saadet tells Vartolu that I do not want to think again, whether he will go or not. They hug and make peace, but it will show how long it will take.

Are the Karakuzular coming back? Yamaç asked Mahsun to catch Remzi, he is glad to do it in Mahsun.

Yamaç tells Efsun that she is pregnant, this is his last visit, he wants to stay but he has to go. Although Efsun tries not to show that he is upset with Yamaçc, she cries out when he is gone.

Seeing that the love of Karaca and Azer is flaring, his mother comes to ask Sultan Ana about getting engaged Karaca & Azer, but hearing this, Yamaç shouts that this will never happen.

Yamaç will keep them closed in the warehouse until they find out who brought the drug from the neighborhood’s youngs. They had been looking for Metin for a long time, and Yamaç found him using drugs. He wants him to lock somewhere else and pack himself up.

Today, Damla and Akin have a court. Vartolu sets a professional in signature for saving Damla. Yamaç also sends Remzi to take over the fight club. And both are acquitted.

Fatih informs Çagatay that Koçovans is getting a gun business. Çagatay says that they will not make any moves yet, they will wait for the right time. Selim meets Ahmet, the person who will deliver the transportation (gun) business.

Yamaç is going to talk to Karaca. It tells about the harm that Azer has done to the family. You can either go home tonight or marry Azer and break all ties with the Koçova family.

Damla says she is pregnant with Cumali. Cumali is shocked first, then flies in the air.

Efsun gathered himself after the Yamaç shock and called Çagatay and accepted his invitation. He gives her a necklace, and kisses her neck. Efsun is in turmoil feelings after Yamaç. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She tells Çagatay’s hitmans at the door to get away.

Azer learns from Karaca what Yamaç says to her. Azer says love with you was a dream, he wants to be prepared from Karaca to go to her house. Karaca kisses his on the lips, while leaving him at near the house. Let’s see if this is going to be their last meeting?

And the whole family together (including Aliço)

Yamaç can not stand and goes to Efsun.

Metin promises to be ok, and Yamaç says he will do everything to make it right for you. Yamaç says I need you very much.

During delivery, Çagatay surprises, as the owner of the weapons. However, the trucks actually had drugs. Welcome to my team, says Çagatay. Çagatay has another surprise, he has arrested Damla again. Cumali, who gets the news, is going crazy. Yamaç catches Metin while taking drugs again. Then he goes to Emmi and hears that he has to be patient, but Yamaç, who is tired now, comes out saying there is only one way. He accepts that he was defeated by Çagatay and wants him to take him back to his team. by “

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