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Çukur S03E21 (Season 3 Episode 21) 88th

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Çagatay calls Fatih and wants too many hitman to Efsun’s house, to keep them on all roads. He says that she will be prepared immediately for going Çagatay’s palace and he will not leave her alone at home.

Cars and 1 helicopter follow Koçovans. They are killing men from the forest, but Çagatay’s men continue to come. They manage to escape with the fishing boat.

The doctor informs Meke & Celasun that they will undergo Emmi by-pass surgery. The surgery is successful.

Efsun makes breakfast with Çagatay. Çagatay tells Fatih to take action on Çukur.

Cumali beats Yamaç and asks Selim to apologize. He forgives himself to his brothers.

Vartolu’s query continues. When the police realize that they cannot learn anything, they releases him. He’s going to take Koçovans. They learn from Salim that Emmi had a heart attack.

When Fahri is thrown from workplace because of cause living in Çukur, Fatih is helping out, and the conquest plan begins. They want to make all of Çukur as a bagman, and Fahri reacts by saying that we have not fallen that much. Fatih says you will come to my door sooner.

Yamaç and Vartolu are going to visit the hospital. Yamaç learns from Meke about the cause of a heart attack and learns that everyone is fired. Emmi comes out of intensive care. Aliço comes to the hospital, tells Yamaç that Nehir is sick and waiting for him.

He learns that Nehir is pregnant. Yamaç says that he does not want the baby (either because of his fear that if I cannot protect child or if I cannot live). Nehir decides to have an abortion based on this answer.

Fahri, who can no longer bear the deplorable situation of Çukur, calls Fatih and accepts the job. They will arrange a warehouse in the neighborhood.

Mahsun goes to his mother with the advice of Uncle Baytar, but he is content with looking from a distance.

Mahsun comes and helps, while the bounty hunters will catch and kill the Yamaç. He continues to follow Yamaç.

Fahri tells the young people of Çukur that he is bringing honorary goods and being a baggage. Young people, who are frustrated by the lack of money and the Koçovans, are starting this dirty business.

Yamaç catches up at the last moment, preventing abortion by saying that he promised his father. He takes Nehir from clinic and leaves Nehir to his own home, entrusts her to his mother.

He’s going to visit Emmi. Emmi says you have come to the wrong place, go to the place that caused me to become this, take care of the neighborhood. Going to the neighborhood, Yamaçç sees the shabby state of the young people using drugs. Çagatay calls and says, “I have wasted my time too much for you, now it’s your turn”. by “

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