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Çukur S03E19 (Season 3 Episode 19) 86th

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Yamaç is sobering. Vartolu wants to explain everything he did, Yamaç says finish me. The Yamaç gave up, begins to explain from the very beginning. Vartolu says if you want to die, you will be patient, he promises to kill. He takes him out of Çukur to kill.

They are staying in a hotel. They talk about their dreams and memories.

Çagatay thinks Mahsun is counterfeiting death. He says that he will also punish Yücel. They carry away Mahsun from his place to question. They torture and finally confess to Çagatay that Yamaç is alive. If Yamaç does not appear within 1 day, he will kill Mahsun.

Vartolu brings Yamaç to Tokatt Erbag (where he quits dirty jobs before the Karakuzu). Yamaç begs to kill, but Vartolu says he can’t make it, cause he saves all family members. He says to Yamaç, either stay here and die peacefully, or if you want revenge, be unscrupulous, be ruthless and fight together.

When they return, they capture Çagatay’s man and make him talk in the custody of Çukur. They go to Çagatay’s warehouse and take off Mahsun. He tells Yamaç that he told the place of the detention because they found his mother. They entrust Mahsun’s mother and Mahsun to Uncle Baytar.

Vartolu and Yamaç, who learned the location of Yücel from Mahsun, are going to kill him. Yamaç finishes the job. And he’s burying it this time to be sure. by “

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