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Çukur S03E18 (Season 3 Episode 18) 85th

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Çagatay’s man Fatih delivers the ring of Yamaç, which comes out of the burning car, to the family. They say that they pack the leftovers from the burning body and leave them to the hospital. They will give tissue samples to the hospital and they will wait news for the body is Yamaç’s or not.

Cumali tells Selim to set meeting the last 3 people from council. It kills 2 of the council members who do not tell about the place of Çagatay, and wounds one of them to convey a message.

Akın goes to Songül for trying to forgive himself (Akin had shooted by 14 bullets to her friend). Songül doesn’t want him.

Cumali packs the personal belongings of the councils and sends them to Fatih, to take them to Çagatay. Çagatay retaliates and reports Damla and Cumali to the police with anonymous notice. Police arrest Damla (because of his father’s unlawful work). Çagatay sends a message to Cumali, wants him to leave Çukur tonight if he wants to see his wife again.

Efsun learns from Çagatay that Yamaç is dead. She gives way at the knees. She starts searching for Yamaç.

Cumali leaves Çukur and goes home in Laleli. Çukur is entrusted to Akın and Selim.

Nehir starts to search when it cannot reach Yamaç. Firstly she goes his home but get no results, then goes to Aliço. Aliço looks at possible 74 Yamaç’s location, but he has no results either.

Selim crashes into the delivery of Çagatay. And they pour all the drugs in front of the holding building. The news falls on the press like a bomb.

Çagatay explains what happened according to his own scenario to the Police Chief and says that Çukur made this mess.

Çagatay finds Selim’s murder video. And he tells Selim to escape from Çukur, otherwise he will be arrested because he will deliver the video to the police. Selim goes to the house in Laleli. Çukur is now entrusted to Akın.

Karaca wants to return home to support her family. Azer doesn’t let ger go and he is persuading her to stay until everything calms down.

Efsun goes to Nehir’s house to comfort her. And we learn that Nehir is pregnant.

Çagatay visits Çukur and meets Akin. Akin does not get rid of his family , declares that he will not cooperate with Çagatay and tells him to leave from Çukur.

Vartolu commands Chief Physician for phone to Selim, say that the tissue samples match. Selim and Cumali know Yamaç as dead.

Vartolu wants from Mahsun to show Yamaç as dead in his pre-attack meeting. There is actually Ziya in the car he detonated. Mahsun puts Yamaç’s ring in the car after knocking out Yamaç.

Mahsun delivers Yamaç to Vartolu. They put him in the Çukur underground custody. by “

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