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Çukur S03E17 (Season 3 Episode 17) 84th

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

The series starts with convincing Yücel & Mahsun to work together. Çagatay wants advice from them, does not want action. He just wants them to talk whenever he wants. Mahsun recommends walking through Selim. Yamaç sees the duo leaving the house.

Selim, who visited Akin in his place when he learned from his men, tells him that he was not the child in the story he told him when he was a child. Leaving the room, Akin has a panic attack with the fatality of living fear of becoming homeless. Then he goes out to the ring and beats someone, asks him where Songül is, can’t get an answer.

Çagatay’s men brings Selim to Çagatay from leaving the Akin’s place. He says he threatened him with death and wanted his gold back. Çagatay tells his ace that there is something Selim is hiding and wants him to find him.

Yamaç, who sticks the knife to Mahsun, tells him not to approach Çukur again.

The crazy Vartolu goes to Deli Halil for the wreck he used to go. He decides to hang himself and, while talking to Halil, remembers Yamaç asking him to kill him and relieve his pain.

Selim declaring mobilization entrusts the security of the house to Akin.

Yamaç is considering to deliver his golds, but decides to make a different move at the last minute. He goes to Şenol.Mad Şenol tells him that Murtaza is a mole.

Finding the house of the child he beat, Akin goes home and takes the phone number of Songül.

He delivers to Çagatay the imitation golds, made by Senol. Çagatay pisses off when he realizes this.

Speaking to Murtaza on the advice of Yücel, Çagatay comes to the shelter with Murtaza’s whistleblowing, takes her golds and kills Senol.

Yamaç understands what happens when deliveris the phone call from Çagatay.

Çagatay, who prepares a trap for Yamaç, leaves a man alive from the council to leak information, and Yamaç finds out and kills him as he thinks.

Immediately he is on his way to Çagatay. Vartolu and Çagatay’s men have after him.

Yamaç dives alone in the trap of Çagatay, Mahsun knocks and ties the wheel of the car and sends him to the square (Vartolu, who knew he couldn’t kill Yamaç, asked him to take his revenge).

Mahsun explodes the car in front of Çagatay’s eyes. by “

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