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Çukur S03E16 (Season 3 Episode 16) 83rd

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Yamaç says that the family of Erdenet from Resit Fazlullah has been in the Istanbul area since the Ottoman times (Mongolian originated – Father Cengiz Erdenet). Erdenetler has been doing the drug business for 4 generations.

Çagatay visited Efsun and asked for information about Yamaç.

Vartolu still can’t watch the video. Ziya takes flash memory and passports and escapes. Selim calls hiim and Vartolu finds out that Saadet has filed for divorce , he becomes mad. They need to go Istanbul immediately, they call Yunus and ask for help, and he takes them to Haydar.

When Cumali finds out that Karaca is in Azer’s house, he goes crazy and goes to get him. She does not go with him although Cumali says that if you step into that house, you are not in my blood. You just survive, it doesn’t matter what I am, she says to his uncle.

Vartolu, who can’t bear to hear the Mihriban song, freaks out when he hears it and dives into Haydar’s room. And he tells the past of the song and Haydar is helping, they will go in the luggage of the bus as a fugitive.

Azer learns Çagatay name from Efsun, and Azer, who knows his name from the past, wants to meet him. Azer, who goes to the meeting, takes the threat that he is not cared by Çağatay and has to stay away from Efsun.

Yamaç and Selim, who attended the council, say to the Members that you can do what Çağatay wants.

Azer wants 10 men from Murtaza to kill Çagatay.

Çağatay, who took Yücel from his hiding place, gets information about Yamaç and tells him to wait a while and wait for Yamaç to explode something. Çağatay, who calls Yamaç, presents him with the republic gold he gave to his allies. Yamaç also agrees.

Efsun meet with Nehir, they do pilates together, then they talk about Yamaç.

Çagatay’s men are killing the men of Murtaza, who cut Çağatay’s convoy.

Vartolu is collecting information about Çağatay from the drug market. He also tells Yamaç that he shouldn’t deal with it.

Yamaç detonates trucks with the goods of Çagatay. Yücel is right and we see that he is in Mahsun.

Finally, Vartolu, who watches the video, faces the reality about her father dead.

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