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Çukur S03E14 (Season 3 Episode 14) 81st

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Cumali, who was shot by Azer’s attack, fights for survival, while Yamaç wants his uncle Baytar to do his surgery.

Sultan and Fadik, who do not want to lose one more son, put Karaca in action to end this war and succeed. Thanks to Karaca settled in Azer’s house, Yamaç cannot attack Azer.

In Germany, Vartolu is negotiating with Zimmerman to get a video of the time his father was murdered and trying to get a child out of Berlin, but the child seems to be very difficult because he is the child of a great gang leader.

Yamaç announces to the council that he is waging war in Istanbul and kills Ahmet and Üzeyir. After that, Yamaç is in an ambush, Mahsun, who we thought was dead so far, comes and saves Yamaç. by “”

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