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Covid Diaries NYC Season 1 will be on HBO MAX at March 9, 2021

Documentary / TV-Series (2021)

Explore the lives of five young filmmakers, who turn their cameras on themselves to tell the stories of their families during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City. Covid Diaries NYC, an unfiltered look at NYC’s new normal during the first wave of the pandemic, premieres March 9, 2021 on HBO Max.

“The Only Way to Live in Manhattan” is by Marcial Pilataxi, Aracelie Colón directs “My COVID Breakdown,” Camille Dianand chronicles “When My Dad Got COVID,” Shane Fleming helms “No Escape From New York” and “Frontline Family” is directed by Arlet Guallpa. Rosemary Colón-Martinez provides original animation to the documentary.

Directors: Arlet Guallpa, Aracelie Colón, Marcial Pilataxi, Camille Dianand, Shane Fleming


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