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Centurion (2010)

Action, Drama, History.

A Roman soldier (Michael) leads a small band of troops on a mission to rescue a key Roman general after becoming trapped in the territory of their sworn enemies in this period action-adventure film from director Neil Marshall. The year is A.D. 117. Despite the growing strength of the Roman Empire, a fierce tribe known as the Picts has prevented Hadrian’s armies from conquering northern Britain.

The Picts offer a devastating display of their guerilla power when they raid a Roman frontier fort, and Quintus just barely manages to escape with his life. Thirsting for revenge, Quintus joins General Virilus’ Ninth Legion as the squadron begins traveling north on a mission to find and kill Gorlacon, the leader of the Picts. That mission is complicated when the Ninth Legion is ambushed and General Virilus is captured, leaving his men stranded behind enemy lines.

Now, as the Quintus and the surviving members of the Ninth Legion are hunted from the shadows, they prepare to make one last, desperate bid to save General Virilus and reach the Roman frontier before being captured or killed by the Picts.

Director: Neil Marshall

Writer: Neil Marshall

Stars: Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Olga Kurylenko, Neil Marshall, Imogen Poots, JJ Feild, David Morrissey


Michael Fassbender→Centurion Quintus Dias
Andreas Wisniewski→Commander Gratus
Dave Legeno→Vortix
Axelle Carolyn→Aeron
Dominic West→General Titus Flavius Virilus
Dhafer L’Abidine→Arm Wrestling Opponent
JJ Feild→Thax
Lee Ross→Septus
David Morrissey→Bothos
Simon Chadwick→Carlisle Messenger
Ulrich Thomsen→Gorlacon
Ryan Atkinson→Gorlacon’s Son
Paul Freeman→Governor Julius Agricola
Olga Kurylenko→Etain
Jake Maskall→Roman Officer Argos
Eoin Macken→Achivir
Dermot Keaney→Pict Hunter
Liam Cunningham→Brick
Noel Clarke→Macros
Dimitri Leonidas→Leonidas
Riz Ahmed→Tarak
Imogen Poots→Arianne
Dylan Brown→Roman Guard
Rachael Stirling→Druzilla
Michael Carter→General Antoninus
Tom Mannion→General Tesio
Peter Guinness→General Cassius
Greg Bennett→Roman Centurion
Jerome Boyle→Roman Soldier
Connor Byrne→(voice)
James Currie→Maximus
Warren Harrington→Pict Warrior
Chris Luck→Pict
Neil Marshall→Archer on Hadrian’s Wall
Hamish Moir→Pictish Warrior
Robert Roman Ratajczak→Villager
Dan Raynham→Warrior
Steve Saunders→Pict Warrior
Sebastian Tarlach→Knight
Chuen Tsou→Mercenary

Sources: imdb

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