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Batman Begins (2005)

Coming Out at 15 June 2005 in theaters.

Action, Adventure

Batman Begins is superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Nolan and David S. Goyer. Based on the DC Comics character Batman, it stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe, and Morgan Freeman. The film reboots the Batman film series, telling the origin story of Bruce Wayne from the death of his parents to his journey to become Batman and his fight to stop Ra’s al Ghul and the Scarecrow from plunging Gotham City into chaos.

Following the poor reception of Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997), a series of unsuccessful attempts were made to resurrect Batman on the big screen which put the Batman film series on hold for nearly eight years. Then, in early 2003, Nolan and Goyer began work on Batman Begins. Aiming for a darker, more realistic tone compared to the previous films, a primary goal for their vision was to engage the audience’s emotional investment in both the Batman and Bruce Wayne identities of the lead character. The film, which was principally shot in the United Kingdom, Iceland and Chicago, relied heavily on traditional stunts and miniature effects, with computer-generated imagery being used in a minimal capacity compared to other action films. Comic book storylines such as The Man Who Falls, Batman: Year One and Batman: The Long Halloween served as inspiration.

As a child in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne falls down a dry well and is attacked by a swarm of bats, developing a fear of bats. Attending the opera with his parents, Thomas and Martha, Bruce becomes frightened by performers masquerading as bats and asks to leave. Outside, mugger Joe Chill murders Bruce’s parents in front of him, and the orphaned Bruce is raised by the family butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

Fourteen years later, Chill is paroled after testifying against mafia boss Carmine Falcone. Bruce intends to murder Chill, but one of Falcone’s assassins does so first. Bruce’s childhood friend Rachel Dawes berates him for acting outside the justice system, saying that his father would be ashamed.

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Bob Kane, David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan

Stars: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy, Katie Holmes, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman


Christian BaleBruce Wayne / Batman
Michael CaineAlfred
Liam NeesonDucard
Katie HolmesRachel Dawes
Gary OldmanJim Gordon
Cillian MurphyDr. Jonathan Crane / The Scarecrow
Tom WilkinsonCarmine Falcone
Rutger HauerEarle
Ken WatanabeRa’s Al Ghul
Mark Boone JuniorFlass
Linus RoacheThomas Wayne
Morgan FreemanLucius Fox
Larry HoldenFinch
Gerard MurphyJudge Faden
Colin McFarlaneLoeb
Sara StewartMartha Wayne
Gus LewisBruce Wayne – age 8
Richard BrakeJoe Chill
Rade SerbedzijaHomeless Man
Emma LockhartRachel Dawes – age 8
Christine AdamsJessica
Catherine PorterBlonde Female Reporter / Assassin
John NolanFredericks
Karen DavidCourthouse Reporter #1
Jonathan D. EllisCourthouse Reporter #2
Tamer HassanFaden’s Limo Driver
Ronan LeahyUniformed Policeman #1
Vincent WongOld Asian Prisoner
Tom WuBhutanese Prison Guard #1
Mark ChiuBhutanese Prison Guard #2
Turbo KongEnormous Prisoner
Sai-Kit YungChinese Police Officer
Chike ChanChinese Police Officer
Tenzin Clive BallHimalayan Child
Tenzin GyurmeOld Himalayan Man
Jamie HaydenStocky Chinese Man
David MurrayJumpy Thug
John KazekDock Thug #2
Darragh KellyDock Thug #3
Patrick NolanDock Cop #1
Joseph RyeDock Cop #2
Kwaku AnkomahDock Cop #3
Jo MartinPolice Prison Official
Charles EdwardsWayne Enterprises Executive
Lucy RussellFemale Restaurant Guest
Timothy DeenihanMale Restaurant Guest
David BedellaMaitre D
Flavia MasettoRestaurant Blonde #1
Emily Steven-DalyRestaurant Blonde #2
Martin McDougallGotham Dock Employee
Noah Lee MargettsArkham Thug #1
Joe HanleyArkham Thug #2
Karl ShielsArkham Thug #3
Roger GriffithsArkham Uniformed Policeman
Stephen WaltersArkham Lunatic
Richard LaingArkham Chase Cop
Matt MillerGotham Car Cop #3
Risteard CooperCaptain Simonson
Shane RimmerOlder Gotham Water Board Technician
Jeremy TheobaldYounger Gotham Water Board Technician
Alexandra BastedoGotham Society Dame
Soo Hee DingFarmer
Conn HorganMonorail Driver
Phill CurrTransit Cop
Jack GleesonLittle Boy
John JuddNarrows Bridge Cop
Sarah WateridgeMrs. Dawes
Charlie KranzBasement Club Manager
Terry McMahonBad Swat Cop #1
Cedric YoungLiquor Store Owner
Tim BoothVictor Zsaz
Tom NolanValet
Leon Delroy WilliamsPedestrian
Roger YuanHazmat Technician
Joe SargentNarrows Teenager #1
Mel TaylorNarrows Resident
Ilyssa FradinBarbara Gordon
Andrew PleavinUniformed Policeman #2
Jeff ChristianDriving Cop
John BurkeArkham Lunatic Cell Mate
Earlene BentleyArkham Asylum Nurse
Alex MoggridgeArkham Asylum Orderly
Jay BuozziAsian Man – Ra’s Al Ghul Decoy
Jordan ShawAfrican Boy in Rags
Omar MostafaFalafel Stand Vendor
Patrick PondOpera Performer #1 Faust- Bass
Poppy TierneyOpera Performer #2 Margaret – Soprano
Rory CampbellOpera Performer #3 Mefistofele – Tenor
Fabio CardasciaCaterer
Spencer WildingLeague of Shadows Warriors
Mark Rhino SmithLeague of Shadows Warriors (as Rhino)
Khan BonfilsLeague of Shadows Warriors
Dave LegenoLeague of Shadows Warriors
Ruben HalseLeague of Shadows Warriors
Rodney RyanLeague of Shadows Warriors
Dominic BurgessNarrows Cop
Nadia Cameron-BlakeyAdditional Restaurant Guest #1
Mark StrakerMale Restaurant Guest #2
T.J. RaminiCrane Thug #1 (as TJ Ramini)
Kieran HurleyCrane Thug #2

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