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Alone (2020)

Coming Out at October 16, 2020 in theaters

Horror, Thriller

Alone is horror film directed by Johnny Martin and starring Tyler Posey and Donald Sutherland. The film follows a young man who barricades himself inside his apartment during a zombie apocalypse. The film is scheduled to be released on October 16, 2020.

One morning, lonely surfer Aidan (T. Posey) awakens to find that a global pandemic has turned most of humanity into blood-thirsty zombies known as “screamers.” Just as he’s ready to give up hope, Aidan spots his attractive neighbor Eva (Spiro) across the courtyard, and soon the two become “socially distant” friends. Trying to find a way to rescue her, Aidan confronts an eccentric neighbor (Sutherland) who could be their salvation—or downfall.

Director: Johnny Martin

Writer: Matt Naylor

Stars: Donald Sutherland, Tyler Posey, Robert Ri’chard, Summer Spiro, Eric Etebari, John Posey, Brooke Swallow


Donald SutherlandEdward
Tyler PoseyAidan
Robert Ri’chardBrandon
John PoseyDAD
Eric EtebariJack Brian
Summer SpiroEva
Brooke SwallowJessica
Jonathan PeacyZombie screamer
Greg FitzpatrickField Reporter
Bridgette Meredith GarbSister
Margarita ReyesInjured Screamer
Josh HarpHuge Screamer
Maya Karin
Tony DewScreamer
Rebecca Pope KeenanMom
Josey MartinVanessa
Jenny MartinKat
Lily ZhaoScreamer
Debbie Martinelli SwallowSharon

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