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About Endlessness (2019)

Released at September 18, 2020 in theaters

“Om det oändliga”


Cinetic has debuted a festival promo trailer for the new film from iconic Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson, titled About Endlessness.

Andersson’s last film was A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence in 2014, and this one looks just as bleak and absurd and fascinating. As is usual with his films anyway, this one only features a description that says it is “a reflection on human life in all its beauty and cruelty, its splendour and banality.” Featuring Tatiana Delaunay and Martin Serner. Andersson is one of those funky niche filmmakers that not many are familiar with, but he has a very distinct style and I highly recommend exploring his work if you’re brave enough. I’m curious about watching this one and enjoying its bleakness.

Director: Roy Andersson

Writer: Roy Andersson

Stars: Bengt Bergius, Anja Broms, Marie Burman, Amanda Davies, Tatiana Delaunay, Karin Engman, Jan-Eje Ferling


Bengt BergiusPsychiatrist
Anja BromsSecretary
Marie Burman
Amanda Davies
Tatiana DelaunayFlying Woman
Karin Engman
Jan-Eje FerlingMan in the Stairs
Thore FlygelDentist
Lotta ForsbergWoman on the Street
Anton Forsdik
Fanny Forsdik
Anders Hellström
Göran HolmCafé Guest
Stefan KarlssonMan with Stick
Mattias Königsson
Jessica Louthander
Lars Lundgren
Stefan Palmqvist
Vanja Rosenberg
Martin SernerThe Priest
André Vaara
Magnus WallgrenAdolf Hitler

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