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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Starting on Sky at January 8, 2021

Drama, Fantasy, Romance / TV-Series (2018)

Season 2 is based on the second book, Shadow of Night. We left Diana and Matthew attempted to literally step into the past with magic.

We pick up in Elizabethan London, where Diana needs to finds someone to teach her how to use her magic. At the same time, the couple needs to find the Book of Life if they want to prevent the death of all magical creatures in the future.

In the present day, we follow Gerbert, Knox, and others as they learn the truth about Diana and Matthew’s actions. Oh, they are not happy about that, and they will go after those close to the couple. Sarah and Em turn to Ysabeau de Clermont, Matthew’s mother who happens to be a witch hunter—and Sarah and Em are witches.

Sophie needs protection as she’s pregnant with a witch. Marcus and Miriam will do whatever it takes to look out for her.

Directors: Farren Blackburn, Jamie Donoughue, Debs Paterson

Writers: Deborah Harkness, Sarah Dollard, Pete McTighe

Stars: Matthew Goode, Teresa Palmer, Gregg Chillin, Sheila Hancock, Adelle Leonce, Steven Cree, Tom Lewis, Elaine Cassidy


Matthew Goode Matthew Clairmont
Teresa Palmer Diana Bishop
Gregg Chillin Domenico
Sheila Hancock Goody Aslop
Adelle Leonce Phoebe Taylor
Steven Cree Gallowglass
Tom Lewis Peckham
Elaine Cassidy Louisa de Clermont 
Mark Holden Wilf 
Tom Hughes 
Michael Lindall Sir Walter Raleigh 
Joshua Blue Pickering Jack Blackfriars 
Adam Sklar Henry Percy
Holly Aird Francoise 
Stephen Amis Bar patron 
Gamba Cole Corner 
Daniel Eghan Royal Guard 
Tom Godwin Card Player 
Olivier Huband Fernando 
Michael Jibson Rudolf II 
Louis Maskell Tom Caldwell 
Simon Meacock Pole 
Mark Schneider Middle Class 
Laurence Spellman Stanley Smith 
Dan Whitlam Young Man


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