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The Longest Yard (2005)

Coming Out at May 27, 2005 in theaters.

Comedy, Crime, Sport

The Longest Yard is prison sports comedy film directed by Peter Segal and written by Sheldon Turner. A remake of 1974’s The Longest Yard, it stars Adam Sandler as a washed-up former professional quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers who, in exchange for freedom, is forced to assemble a football team to play against the guards. The film co-stars Chris Rock, James Cromwell, Nelly, William Fichtner and Burt Reynolds, who played Sandler’s role in the original. The film primiered at May 19, 2005 on Hollywood, California.

Paul Crewe is a former NFL quarterback who was accused of shaving points, though it was never proven. One night he gets drunk during a party and goes joyriding in the Bentley of his girlfriend, Lena, causing a chase with the police and crashing the car. He is sentenced to 18 months in prison as a result.

In prison, Warden Rudolph Hazen, an avid football fan, wishes to use his personal football team composed of his prison guards to boost his reputation for future elections as State Governor. Using a week in a hot box to coerce him, Crewe recommends that the Guards, lead by head guard Captain Knauer, play a tune-up game, a game between the Guards and a team that they easily slaughter to boost morale. Hazen tasks Crewe with forming a team composed of the prison inmates, believing that he will be unable to unite the unruly prisoners, thus not only achieving his goals, but also exerting his power over the inmates.

Director: Peter Segal

Writers: Al Ruddy, Tracy Keenan Wynn, Sheldon Turner

Stars: Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds, Chris Rock, Nelly, Michael Irvin, Walter Williamson, Bill Goldberg


Adam SandlerPaul Crewe
Chris RockCaretaker
Burt ReynoldsCoach Nate Scarborough
Michael IrvinDeacon Moss
Walter WilliamsonErrol Dandridge
Bill GoldbergBattle
Terry CrewsCheeseburger Eddy
Bob SappSwitowski
Nicholas TurturroBrucie
Dalip SinghTurley
Lobo SebastianTorres
Joey DiazBig Tony
Steve ReevisBaby Face Bob
David Patrick KellyUnger
Tracy MorganMs. Tucker
Edward BunkerSkitchy Rivers
William FichtnerCaptain Knauer
Bill RomanowskiGuard Lambert
Kevin NashGuard Engleheart
Steve AustinGuard Dunham
Brian BosworthGuard Garner
Michael PapajohnGuard Papajohn
Conrad GoodeGuard Webster
Brandon MolaleGuard Malloy
Todd HollandGuard Holland
James CromwellWarden Hazen
Cloris LeachmanLynette
Allen CovertReferee
Rob SchneiderPunky
Chris BermanChris Berman
Jim RomeJim Rome
Patrick BristowWalt
Lauren SanchezLauren Sanchez
Dan PatrickOfficer Jack Pugh
Christopher NeimanBig Ear Cop
Ed LauterDuane
Sean SalisburyVic
Rob MooreGavin
Big BoyJesse
Michael H. GoodwynCon Transvestite
Ray StoneyCon Transvestite
Michael SilasCon Transvestite
André FuentesCon Transvestite
Lonnie HendersonCon Transvestite
Asiel HardisonCon Transvestite
Colin KimCon Transvestite
Mark Robert EllisStretcher Guy
Timothy F. CrowleyUmpire
Mr. PorterBasketball Convict
BizarreBasketball Convict
ProofBasketball Convict
KunivaBasketball Convict
SwiftBasketball Convict
Bryan BurwellSportswriter
Sam FarmerSportswriter
Jay GlazerSportswriter
Peter KingSportswriter
John McClainSportswriter
Adam SchefterSportswriter
Larry WeismanSportswriter
Marc S. GanisLorenzo
Shane RalstonBradlee
Jenae AltschwagerParty Guest
Candace JuleffParty Guest
Bryan RossParty Guest
Ricardo J. KingPress Box Technician
Stink FisherCafeteria Prisoner
Jasper Pendergrass Jr.Cafeteria Prisoner
Sean McNamaraCafeteria Prisoner
Robert HarveyCafeteria Guard
Eric ChmieleckiGuard Sniper
Denise Marie JeromeGuard Cheerleader
Jaayda McClanahanGuard Cheerleader
Tara WilsonGuard Cheerleader
Rachel SaydakGuard Cheerleader
Cara-Lee KnodelGuard Cheerleader
Nora HassanGuard Cheerleader
John HockridgeGuard Hock
Steven AlfordK-9 Officer Beller
Wendie Pasterick AstonReporter
David Axel‘A’ Guards Fan
Dalton Baker‘R’ Guards Fan
P.J. Barberino‘D’ Guards Fan
Nicolas BarcliftInmate
Richard BarelaInmate
Bobby Beall Jr.Prison Guard
Brett BechPotter, Guard Receiver #25
John BranchPrison Guard
John Eric BrownInmate
Jerry BuysPrison Guard
Terrell ByrdPrison Basketball Player
Jacare CalhounConvict
Israel CarbajalValet
Rodney CarringtonPrison Guard
Mary CastroModel at Party
Lee CogburnFootball Fan
Courteney CoxLena
Jahani CurlConvict
Brian DavidPrison Guard

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